How to make purchase contract?

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asked Jun 29, 2022 by linhtrinh (120 points)

Dear Team, 

I'm Linh - procurement manager from Information and Networking technology Joint Stock Company. 

I'm in a project with VNPT-Media which is a very potential customer in Viet Nam territory. We suggest VNPT Media to using License EasyAR. 

So here is what we want to buy: 

EasyAR Sense SDK

Classic Edition :
One-time charge for lifetime use
Commercially available
For all enterprise developers.

Quality : 03

EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service (CRS)

EasyAR Cloud Recognition Service (CRS) is a web service that enables the advantage of cloud computing and storage, to provide cloud based image recognition for large scale databases.EasyAR CRS provides both image retrieval and target management as web services. (1 year)

Supports 20,000 API usage/day for online identification.

Support Database of 100,000 images for online identification.

Quality : 01 year

=> Kindly give me instruction via email how to make Purchase contract with you. 

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 

Thanks in advanced!

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answered Jul 1, 2022 by vakanda (140 points)
Consulting a lawyer would be helpful.
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