How do I set an image tracker without motion inside an existing image tracker with motion?

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asked Mar 24, 2022 by holyblast (120 points)
I have 2 image trackers in my scene, one functions for motion,
while the other should work for a static piece that shouldn't move from it's target.

It works in a way that after you find the first tracker, and activate a button it holds,
you can active the second target. (trying before will not do anything)

I have a target that activates motion on my main image tracker,
while checking the other image tracker during the motion phase,
even though the second image tracker isn't marked as motion, it still functions like it does.

is there a way I can make the second tracker not be affected by the first's motion?
(target appears to be pushed a lot closer towards me, and moves along with camera)

1 Answer

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answered Mar 29, 2022 by kenn (18,750 points)
What do you mean by "motion" here?
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