VideoRecorder not working with URP on Android

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asked Mar 22, 2022 by osaro212 (180 points)
edited Mar 22, 2022 by osaro212

Using the latest Unity (2021.2.16) and EasyAR (4.5) releases I can't get VideoRecorder sample working with URP.

Without URP the VideoRecorder sample works as expected, the video displays and is saved to the device with the correct notification popup.

With URP the video doesn't display or save to device although the notification says it is saved.

I'm following the special configurations for Video Recording on Android according to the documentation. I've also tried different shaders, urp/lit, urp/unlit, unit/texture.

(Other samples such as Imagetracking_Targets and Imagetracking_Video work fine in URP)

Please Advise, Thanks

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