How to prevent the sample image from being recognized

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asked Feb 28 by makototomta (150 points)

When using EasyAR, the phenomenon of recognizing a sample image with a watermark is occurring.

We are dealing with this problem with the request that we actually go to the place where the target is and shoot.

I tried to process the sample image by strengthening the watermark pattern and adding color to the whole, but I still recognize it.

I think it would be difficult to recognize the sample if something like a recognition threshold could be set, but I couldn't find such a setting.

Is there such a setting?

I'm not good at speaking English.
So I use the Google translation app for help.

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answered Mar 1 by kenn (17,610 points)
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Did not get it.

I've checked your email address, and if it represents your nationality, maybe you can use your native language. I can understand it.
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commented Mar 2 by kenn (17,610 points)
There is no recognition threshold. But you can try 1) blur, 2) pixelate, 3) stylize or 4) mirror the image.
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