license renewal

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asked Feb 28 by yanlam (180 points)


We have just renewed the sense 4.0 to until 2022-04-01 23:59.

However at the Billing management / Income and Expenditure / All, the remark is "SpatialMap renewal  1 month(s)" instead of "Upgrade to EasyAR Sense 4.0 Professional  1 month(s)" (as in last month).

Did I successfully renew the license and will easyar continue to function properly with my app without watermark?

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answered Mar 1 by kenn (17,610 points)
You have successfully renewed the license, to 2022-04-01, and 2022-05-01 in the two operations recently. Both EasyAR Sense license and spatialmap database have been renewed. The record displayed is a little confusing, we will fix that later.
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