Questions about the number of times it recognizes, questions about apps built for PCs,

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asked Jan 12 by youkkk12 (120 points)
I asked questions through e-mail, but there was no answer, so I asked questions here.

1. There is a question about the API of the license. When purchasing one 1399 license, I know that only one app is available. When making and using one app, is there no limit to the number of image targets and the number of image recognition?

2. I plan to build it for PC and use it for exhibition events. In this case, how is the license method reflected? I will not sell apps built for PCs, but let visitors experience them at the event. Watermark doesn't matter. In this case, can I use it for free?

3. If I want to sell an app built for PC, what is the license policy? Assuming that you sell a program for a built PC rather than uploading it to the store, is it not available with a free license?

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answered Jan 17 by kenn (16,010 points)
We have already replied your email within 24 hours. As supplementary, EasyAR is not free for commercial use.
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