Long distance imagetarget

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asked Jan 8, 2022 by johnara (120 points)
Hello EasyAR team,

So I am trying to detect long distance image targets and I tried the following.

10meters , 7meters, 5meters and 3meters

My 2 physical images are ~70cm*60cm and they have good rating on your ranking page.

So my question is this : Is there any way to adjust whatever threshhold you are using in the backend to match the imagetarget? So let's say you have something like 50% match to identify the image can I drop that down to something lower?

And my other question is if I use a much stronger phone hardware wise will I get better results in long distance specially that 1 of the imagetargets is supposed to move.

Thanks in advance,

Happy new year

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answered Jan 11, 2022 by SiauYau (490 points)

To detect an imagetarget well, we need to assure that the imgaetarget is as large as enough in the camera view, typically no less than 30% of the whole image size. The smaller the target looks in the camera the harder the detection goes.

For your case, ~70cm*60cm image is physically large indeed but is much smaller than expected considering with your shooting distance. So enlarge your physical image could help.

By the way, better hardware device won't help the detection itself but can improve the detecting speed.

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