EasyAR Key vs KeyStore (Invalid Key)

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asked Nov 10, 2021 by bromelee (140 points)
This question is more specific, i find some issues between the KEY from EASYAR 3.0 and the KEY to publish on PLAYSTORE.

I dont know if this is an issue from PLAYPROTECT or from EasyAR and new features on ANDROID

The app works find but i put it the KEYSTORE and then the app ket INVALID KEY and doesnt work.

If is an APK i always get a PLAY PROTECT advise but install it anyways and if is an AAB it install normally without advise but boths examples get the same error, INVALID KEY.

What can i do? the game works fine but i need the project on store and i can if i get this issue and dont know how to solve it.

2 Answers

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answered Nov 10, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
Support for v3 has ended for long. Please contact us if you have a paid service. Free license is not allowed to be published on store.

There is no guarantee for an older version to be workable when we know there are already a lot of fixes in newer versions. And advice if you are already using the latest version, the license key in the end is a string sent into API, please check it in a programmer way.
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answered Nov 21, 2021 by vanessasanders047 (140 points)

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