Invalid Key when I try to build release version for android

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asked Aug 23 by ellenrin (120 points)

Before I face this problem, my app can display AR scene normally when I build it into release version. But when i try to change some assets in my app and try to build it again into release ver, the invalid key appeared. 

I have no clue where is wrong .. I'm stuck crying

I used EasyAR Sense 4 and Unity 2019.4.28f1

2 Answers

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answered Aug 23 by kenn (14,050 points)
The last person reporting similar issue found EasyAR.jar file was lost from their project, without any clue.

The suggestion is to read "adb logcat" output and see if there are any errors before invalid key in the log. Make sure to check all logs printed by the application, do not filter Unity TAG. Something should be there.

Another reminder is to check your proguard rules if you are using version < 4.3.

Finally, share what you found and how you solved it, for other to reference.
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answered Sep 8 by kenn (14,050 points)
edited Sep 8 by kenn
Do you have any progress? We are planning a new release within a short time, it would be very helpful if we can take in something from your result.

Error report for license check has already been enhanced in the coming release, we would be glad to make it cover as much corner cases as possible.
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