App works in Unity but not on Android

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asked Aug 9 by molarapp (140 points)

I`m using the EasyAR Sense 4.3 Unity Plugin in combination with Unity 2019.4.28f1.

My ImageTargets are perfectly detected by the ImageTracker in the Unity GameView. But, when I export my application to an Android Device, the App starts up, but it doesn’t detect any ImageTarget. 

I use the following build settings in Unity:

  • Graphics APIs: OpenGLES2 (Auto Graphics API = Off) - changing to OpenGLES3 leads to the same problem
  • Mutithreaded Rendering = Off
  • Minimum API level = 26; Maximum API level = 30
  • Scripting Backend = IL2CPP
  • ARCore SDK is set to "optional"
  • ARCore for Android 11 is activated in the EasyAR Settings
  • Gradle is updated to 5.6.4 
The application was tested on an virtual device via AndroidStudio (Google Pixel with API 30)
I get no error message in Unity.
I hope someone can help me!
Thanks in advance.

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answered Aug 9 by kenn (14,050 points)
edited Aug 9 by kenn
1. Does the sample work?

2. What about adb logcat?

3. See if helps if you see "Exception: invalid buffer" in logcat output.
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