Image tracking sensibility

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asked Jul 18, 2021 by minotrix (330 points)
edited Jul 19, 2021 by minotrix

Just after my image is recognised, a simple movement with the camera makes the tracking stop and start again, like a blinking action. This is annoying for my project.

Here is a demonstration of what i am talking about ->

 Is there any way to improve the image tracking sensibility?

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answered Jul 18, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
A video recording is preferred to let others know what is happening. And make sure to read image tracking guidance first.
commented Jul 19, 2021 by minotrix (330 points)
You're right. I made this video as a demonstration ->
commented Jul 20, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
The algorithm just fails in a fast move when tracking an image like this. I would recommend to NOT use QR code image for both tracking stability and AR experience as long as it is not a strict restrict in your business.

You can reference the guidance I mentioned above:
commented Jul 22, 2021 by minotrix (330 points)
Oh, i see now. I just changed for a real photo with many objects and rich texture. The tracking now is much better.

You helped me a lot. Thank you!
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