license key is invalid, or not?

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asked May 18 by ludsinz (290 points)
Hi all. I'm experiencing a strange behaviour on my AR app: I installed my app on Android 6 and Android 7, and everything works fine. The same app on Android 10 and Android 11 says "invalid key" upon entering AR environment. Does anybody knows what's the matter? Here's techinical info: Unity3D 2019.4.19f1 with EasyAR 301, the app is already on PlayStore. Please let me know. Thanks very much

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answered May 18 by kenn (11,330 points)
A possible condition is that the EasyAR library itself is not loaded in whatever reason; you could see some related logs before the invalid key is thrown out. If it is the case and you are sure the library is in the apk, you may need to upgrade your EasyAR version. 3.0.1 is really old which contains some critical issues that are already fixed in later versions.
commented May 19 by ludsinz (290 points)
good morning kenn. Thank you for your answer. After scrolling up and down the forum, i found a possible answer: there's a ìn incompatibility between EasyAR 301 and the .aab publishing format for the Google Play Store (at least this is the most probable issue...). I'm going to re-build the app in the .apk version. Anyway yes, 301 version was not good enough and an upgrade to the 4x is mandatory. Have a nice time.
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