ARSense 4.2 Unity 2018 Android 5.1.1 Black screen

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asked Mar 16, 2021 by tchqwork (240 points)
edited Mar 16, 2021 by tchqwork
In editor I see watermark and camera data. But when I install app at my Galaxy S6 LDU with Android 5.1.1 I see just a black screen and my UI.

I've checked Package Name, selecte Open GL 2, set Forwar for camera Rendring path, disabled Multithreaded rendering, minimal API level 21 (Android 5.0).

easyar.EasyARController.Initialized flag says "True"

What could it be?

Regards, Alexander.

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answered Mar 16, 2021 by tchqwork (240 points)
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Ok, I figured out myself.

I disabled Camera taged as "MainCamera" on start to disable tracking that way.
After performing some action in menu I enabled this camera, but looks like something went wrong.

Now I use Engine.onPause() and onResume() instead. And tweaked Depth parameter ro draw my starting UI etc on top of EasyAR camera.
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