DllNotFoundException: EasyAR

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asked Mar 16 by jiayin (520 points)
Hi, I'm trying to run the Unity Sample on ObjectSensing/ImageTracking_Targets. When I click on Play, my camera didn't load. I have this error. Anyone can assist me please?

DllNotFoundException: EasyAR
easyar.DelayedCallbackScheduler..ctor () (at Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/Binding/csapi.cs:8077)
easyar.EasyARController.GlobalInitialization () (at Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/EasyARController.cs:106)
easyar.ImageTargetControllerEditor.DrawGizmo (easyar.ImageTargetController scr, UnityEditor.GizmoType gizmoType) (at Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/Editor/ObjectSensing/ImageTargetControllerEditor.cs:219)
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr)

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answered Apr 7 by kenn (10,570 points)
If you are running on Mac, make sure to check the supported system version in the document. And check every message from Unity editor may help you to understand what is happening.
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