SpatialMap position problem

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asked Feb 9, 2021 by varviar (180 points)

If you cover the camera of the phone with your hand, move the phone, turn it, then open the camera - EasyAR recognizes the environment and positions the scene. But very often with the offset we moved the phone to. How can I avoid this? 

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answered Feb 9, 2021 by kenn (17,610 points)
What you are describing is NOT spatial map problem.

It is the VIO system (ARCore, ARKit or EasyAR motion tracking) lost and continue to track from a different point. This is not possible to fix (consider an extreme case when you move by plane to another city when the camera is covered).

So, how would the problem be solved? Try go back to the start point when you open the camera, most VIO system will move themselves back. Or, set the spatial map to be continue localize, and look at the map area after you moved, then the spatial map WILL WORK, and the map will be relocalized to the correct place.
commented Feb 9, 2021 by varviar (180 points)
Yes, of course I've tried –°ontinue localize and Keep Update, but sometimes it doesn't come back.
commented Feb 9, 2021 by kenn (17,610 points)
Oh, yes. The localize will not always success, when it does not come back, you could try move the phone a little bit or change view angle. It sounds not perfect, but that is how it works. If the map keep in the wrong place, it is possible that localize continue to fail.
If a localize success, and also the VIO is in continuous tracking, the map would be moved to the right place, otherwise there would be something wrong which we do not know.
commented Feb 10, 2021 by varviar (180 points)
Are you saying that if the phone is directed to the original (scanned) space, then there is no guarantee that the map will be positioned correctly? Is this normal behavior?
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