Is there in sdk 4 version an analog of the RealityPlane that was in sdk 2 version?

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asked Feb 8, 2021 by kintivt (170 points)

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answered Feb 9, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
No. What are you going to do with the plane? If you need the camera texture, there are plenty of ways of getting it.
commented Feb 10, 2021 by kintivt (170 points)
Thanks for the reply. I have 2d coloring project on EasyAR 2. EasyAR 2 license key isn't supported, so i rewrite some code and migrate the project on EasyAR 4. Texture capture is implemented via region_caprute asset
( The asset needs EasyAR's RealityPlane. The asset support is on the vuforia forums so users can't ask questions about easyAR. I can't write my own RealityPlane analog that works with EasyAR 4 because source code of EasyAR 2 RealityPlane is hidden in the dll.
I want to find way to make project work.
There are some solution variants:
1) Get RalityPlane in EasyAR 4
2) Find way to get camerea stream and points of the image target on it
3) Search for the solution in the EasyAR Coloring3D sample project
commented Feb 26, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
The plane does not fit into current data flow, a lot has changed between major versions.
It's better use option 3 to reference existing sample.
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