HelloARVideo Video Blink

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asked Jan 27 by jalpesh (160 points)
Hello I have implemented HelloAR SDK but its will work some of image and some of image its play video but its blinking.

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answered Feb 9 by kenn (9,890 points)
selected Feb 9 by jalpesh
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What is blinking? Does the sample blink too?
commented Feb 9 by kenn (9,890 points)
The image you are using are not good for tracking, the tracking is not stable. And the image in the comment would likely not be able to be tracked.
Please read https://help.easyar.com/EasyAR%20Sense/v4_2/Guides/EasyAR-Planar-Image-Tracking.html
commented Feb 9 by jalpesh (160 points)
Thanks @Kenn
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