Does EasyAR enable the LIDAR on iPhone 12 pro / iPad Pro 3?

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asked Jan 7, 2021 by mustarddesign (140 points)
As far as I can tell Unity3D EasyAR doesn't activate the Lidar sensor on new iOS devices - is it possible to get it to enable to this to provide the more robust/accurate tracking and dense mesh construction on these devices?

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answered Feb 9, 2021 by kenn (17,610 points)
Good point, we will consider that.
commented Feb 9, 2021 by mustarddesign (140 points)
thank you; we are getting a lot of interest in this so it would be fantastic to get access to.

Another thing that would be great to be exposed would be the light estimation values from the underlying ARKit / ARCore.
commented Feb 9, 2021 by kenn (17,610 points)
We are doing it differently. We will connect EasyAR to Unity ARFoundation directly soon. So instead of expose ARKit/ARCore features following their changes day and day, we choose to embrace Unity's solution.
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