Get contour of spatial dense mesh ?

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asked Dec 19, 2020 by ilanbps (120 points)


I need to draw only contour of spatialmaps on dense or sparse mesh, I already use this on arfoundation like:

How can achieve this ? Because I need it to view the map created in topdown plan with another unity camera, already created with arfoundation but need too with EasyAR :-)

Last question how can I calculate the surface of the mesh created ? 

like this on ARFoundation:

private void OnEnable()


arPlane.boundaryChanged += ArPlane_BoundaryChanged;


private void OnDisable()


arPlane.boundaryChanged -= ArPlane_BoundaryChanged;


private void ArPlane_BoundaryChanged(ARPlaneBoundaryChangedEventArgs obj) 

float result = Mathf.Round(CalculatePlaneArea(arPlane) * 100f) / 100f;

areaText.text = result.ToString() + " m2";

private float CalculatePlaneArea(ARPlane plane) {

return plane.size.x * plane.size.y; 



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