Is it possible to use Sparse Spatial map with a VR device such an Oculus Rift or Quest?

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asked Nov 7 by magneticadev (140 points)

we are doing some research to find solution for indoor localization and relocation.

the idea is to scan the environment with a device (ARKit or ARCore enabled device) and then use the acquired map in a MR application.

so, the VR device (6DoF capable and paired with an external camera) should use the map to correctly position the virtual camera and virtual objects in our environment.

The Spatial Map examples work only with a VIO camera or EasyAR motion tracker.

do you have any idea?


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answered Nov 9 by kenn (8,210 points)
Definitely possible. We have not tried, but you make the plugin to work on a VR device. The main idea is put the spatial map relative to the camera when it is detected. The plugin is open sourced, so you have full control of how objects are displayed in 3D. It may require both knowledge in EasyAR and VR.

We have no plan to directly do this at our side in a short time, but we can help with technical problems when you are trying.
commented Nov 9 by magneticadev (140 points)
thanks Kenn.
i'll try to extend your plugin. i'll let you know if I need support.
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