SDK 2 after upgrade ?

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asked Nov 5 by yannick (410 points)


  we currently have version 2 of the SDK in our app. We are forced to make a change real soon in the app but our key is valid on unchanged code. 

If we upgrade to Sense 4, will we be able to publish the app with the key for version 2 SDK? Because we don't have time to make all these changes so fast. We would upgrade the code to version4 later.   


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answered Nov 9 by kenn (8,210 points)
EasyAR Sense 2 and 4 use different license keys, so you can not use the old key in EasyAR Sense 4.

I do not understand which part of changing the license key is blocking you, because changing of SDK is not as simple as replacing a libraries, a lot of API have changed so you have to change some code or resources anyway.
commented Nov 9 by yannick (410 points)
That's not what I meant.  Right now, my SDK 2 key is valid only if I don't modify my app (let say SDK 2 key is locked).  

And I know that changing the SDK to Sense 4 demands work. That's something I don't have time to do in the deadline we have to address our app problems with Google's policies that changed.

The question was : If I pay for the Sense 4  access,  would this unlock my existing SDK 2 key and let me make changes to the app without having to implement the Sense 4 API right away ?
commented Nov 9 by kenn (8,210 points)
edited Nov 9 by kenn
Do you mean you were not able to change bundle id for the SDK 2 key or create a new key?
And about the changes you are going to make, are they related to EasyAR. I mean, I'm not sure if unlock the SDK 2 key (in the meaning of using a different bundle id) is enough for you.
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