Changes in GLView cause not displaying any other objects

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asked Nov 3, 2020 by gterzopoulos (140 points)
We were using EasyAR2 for a non commercial application. We were able to draw 3d objects and static images as augmentations using Opengl.

Now for some reason we are trying to build a commercial project so we will need a commercial licence, but as we try to use the same Java Classes for rendering and displaying 3d objects and static images as augmentations using Opengl, none of this is working.

We see that you have made significant changes to the GLView class (From version 2 to version 4) and perhaps the problem lies there. We also see that now there is a BGRenderer class that was not there before in version 2.

The issue we are having is that objects are not displayed at all in camera view. The BoxRenderer class you provided in the samples is working.Could you advise on the matter?

As you provide a BoxRenderer and a VideoRenderer class, could you provide an ImageRenderer class and an ObjectRenderer class in a sample?

If we are unable to make this work, we will probably check other ar engines for a commercial licence, since we cannot purchase a licence for easy ar2.

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answered Nov 9, 2020 by kenn (18,750 points)
We are really sorry but the main purpose of EasyAR samples is to show how EasyAR API is used. It is not possible for us to take every possibilities into account when writing an OpenGL sample.

I assume you are quite familiar with OpenGL since you can render 3D objects in the past. So you have to understand that OpenGL code in the sample is really simple comparing to 3D object rendering. Any specific question about the real usage errors is appreciated and we can help in that way.
commented Nov 9, 2020 by gterzopoulos (140 points)
We apperciate the response.
We had a succesfull project that was working fine with Easy AR2. We wanted to build a similar project but we were not able to purchase a licence for Easy AR2 so we had to go to the newest version Easy AR4 where there are significant changes regarding the use of OpenGL.

The video sample that you provide is very different compared to the old version.
It would be nice to privide samples for using the library with OpenGL.
Perhaps to provide samples on how to display a 3d object or a picture as augmentations instead of a video that is already present in the sample.
As I see there are many other users that are asking just that.
commented Nov 9, 2020 by kenn (18,750 points)
There are dramatic differences between rendering a picture and 3d object.
We had some discussion with our users, usually it will end up with using Unity, especially when continue resource input is taken into account when the product grows. That is a problem samples cannot solve.
A growing product requirement in 3d would make another Unity, or some part of it. That's why we recommend using Unity for most users.
commented Nov 10, 2020 by gterzopoulos (140 points)
Since we are on a tight schedule on delivering our new project, and  since the old project was working fine in Easy AR2,  it is not easy for us to redesign our new project based on Unity.  You have made significant changes in the way the library works with OpenGL and now nothing seems to work. All models are rendered correctly but they are not displayed in the camera view. We see that now there is a BGRenderer for the camera so as you can understand something is happening with the new libraries.
This issue is easy to resolve if you give us the opportunity to purchase an Easy AR2 commercial licence and to deliver the project to our customer.
Please contact us about this issue.
For further developments and new project we will go to Unity and start developing there.
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