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asked Oct 15 by sawsan-alraisi (120 points)
Dear Mr./Ms.

I used AREasy Plugin with sample in My project ARColoring 3D, I have some problems:

1-  when image is capture coloring some object3d show black (outline) from real page ,  I don’t want to show the face in back of 3D object.( how I can remove black color).

2-  if I want to change button freeze,I want if camera marker image then direct freeze image , but I don’t want to show my hand in object when I put on real page. ( how I can Change 3DColoring Script)

3- once it capture image camera phone should by straight and full image to get correct position coloring  3d object  , if I Mile camera phone get wrong  position coloring  3d object , I think this problem as first problem .

Please,Could any developer AREasy Plugin help me to solve this problems?

sausan alraisi

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