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asked Oct 15, 2020 by sawsan-alraisi (120 points)
Dear Mr./Ms.

I used AREasy Plugin with sample in My project ARColoring 3D, I have some problems:

1-  when image is capture coloring some object3d show black (outline) from real page ,  I don’t want to show the face in back of 3D object.( how I can remove black color).

2-  if I want to change button freeze,I want if camera marker image then direct freeze image , but I don’t want to show my hand in object when I put on real page. ( how I can Change 3DColoring Script)

3- once it capture image camera phone should by straight and full image to get correct position coloring  3d object  , if I Mile camera phone get wrong  position coloring  3d object , I think this problem as first problem .

Please,Could any developer AREasy Plugin help me to solve this problems?

sausan alraisi

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answered Nov 9, 2020 by kenn (12,870 points)
For 1 & 2, Try modify the sample, change the scripts and resources. It is a sample for you to change.

For 3, I do not get the point of the question.

And additionally, if the tracking quality is not perfect, some edges will show in the 3D object texture. You can change the resource to let the edge less possible to be used or add more details in the image to improve the tracking quality.
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