Save to camera roll on android/ios??

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asked Sep 29 by osaro212 (120 points)
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Using videorecorder, looking for code/details on saving the recorded video to an album folder for user access and deleting from internal folder so the vid is not int two locations.

Please do not forward me to the api docs, I've seen others have been told to check there and it was no help.

Should i enter info in the Unity editor under Absolute Path ( in the Video Recorder script...if so what should it be?

OR should i change code in the recordingsample.cs...if so what should it be? Please Advise. Thanks.

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answered Oct 3 by kenn (7,610 points)
From the EasyAR's side, just set the path in the editor or in the code to a place that you want.

EasyAR does not provide a folder called "album folder". The system does. So you need to seek a way to find that folder using system's way or the Unity's way.

I know above explanation does not answer the whole question, but it is really a question out of our support scope. So I will just leave it to someone else.
commented Oct 6 by osaro212 (120 points)
Thanks for your response. I figured out how to use a 3rd party plugin to create an album folder
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