EasyAR scene crashes after working the first time:

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asked Sep 22, 2020 by itmaster (200 points)
When I was checking the app for any bugs, I found that there is a problem in regards to the loading of the scene where if I load the game after installation, the AR scene loaded properly, but after exiting the app and loading the AR scene again, the game just crashed after a couple of minutes of waiting. Is there a way that can be done to avoid the crash from happening after subsequent loadings of the same AR scene.

This is done on a Xiaomi Redmi 9 Pro, under Android 10, with ARCore installed.

Here's the video of what happened.


Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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answered Sep 23, 2020 by kenn (18,750 points)
A few suggestions,

1. Can you observe the same issue in the samples?

2. Look at system logs to see if anything unusual happens.

3. If you mean exit to background (app not really exit), check if Engine.onPause() and Engine.onResume() are called as expected.

4. If you mean the app is killed (like force stopped), then the phone or phone maker should be responsible for this issue.
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