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asked Sep 3, 2020 by markup (240 points)

Hello, now I'm trying ImageTracking_Cloud_Recognition in sample of EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin, following document:

And at Configuration section  I have to input 4 blanks in Global Cloud Recognizer Service Config - Server Address / API key / API secret / Cloud Recognizer. API key and API secret is clear, and what's the others? Does Server Address mean CRS AppId? And what is the Cloud Recognizer? Give me instruction what's the Server Address and Cloud Recognizer, where I can get them.


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answered Sep 8, 2020 by kenn (8,850 points)
CRS is abbreviation for Cloud Recognition Service.

Login EasyAR develop center and you will find the missing parts at the CRS details.
commented Sep 9, 2020 by markup (240 points)
Thank you for your reply.

Off course I understand what CRS means. And I've already checked CRS Authentication but there is no info about "Server Address " and  "Cloud Recognizer" clearly. What are them?
commented Sep 9, 2020 by kenn (8,850 points)
Oh, I see.
A "Server Address" at Application's view is the same of saying "Client-end URL" at server's view. I know the words are not perfect, we will try to optimize that.
"Cloud Recognizer" is not fully displayed in the snapshot, when you open Unity project, drag the inspector a little larger, you will see "Cloud Recognizer App ID", which is another way of saying "CRS App ID".
commented Sep 9, 2020 by markup (240 points)
Server address is Client-end URL. Clear.
And what is the Cloud Recognizer App ID? Where is that?
Can I make my original CRS App ID like "com.xxxxxxx.ooooo" or like that?
commented Sep 9, 2020 by kenn (8,850 points)
CRS APP iD is the UUID representing the CRS Database itself, three lines above "Client-end URL" in your snapshot image.
commented Sep 9, 2020 by markup (240 points)
OK! Thank you very much.

I wish official document is described as it is.
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