Strange Camera View on Galaxy A7 in Unity SparseSpatialMap Sample

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asked Sep 1 by kawai110 (120 points)
Looks fine on Galaxy S9 (Android 9) .
But A7 looks like this (
Motion tracking sample on A7 looks fine.

Is there any hardware limitaion when using SLAM ?

I'm using...
 Galaxy A7(Android 9)
 Unity 2019.4.8
 ARCore 1.19
 Windows 10

Thank you for any kindness in advance.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 2 by kenn (7,570 points)
Thank you for the feedback.

It looks similar to a known issue of EasyAR's ARCore wrapper on some devices. We will deliver fixes in later releases.

We are also on the halfway of connecting EasyAR to ARFoundation, which may provide better ARCore experience on Unity.

Meanwhile, you can change VIOCameraDeviceUnion.DeviceStrategy to EasyARMotionTrackerFirst or EasyARMotionTrackerOnly to use EasyAR motiontracker first on supported devices, this will make be behavior the same with motion tracking sample.
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