EasyAR scene crashes app when loaded from another scene

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asked Aug 23, 2020 by itmaster (200 points)

After I have finished the AR scene for a game I'm working on, I linked the game into the main menu system, and after testing, I managed to build the app to test in Android, but when I launched the game and went to the AR scene, the game just crashes back into the main menu, whereas in Unity, it only took a couple of minutes (around 10-15 mins to be honest) to actually load the scene from the main menu.

Is there anyway to fix the crashing issue? And is there any way to speed up scene loading times in a AR scene in unity?

Here's the video of what happened when I used the app:
Thanks in advance for the help.

Edit: This is what came out in my profiler when I tried to look for the source of the loading issue, and it looks like it came from the Async script in EasyAR. (I'm still new to the profiler, so I may have no idea as to what the heck I'm saying, but I do know that the scripts that take the most time are ones I didn't even create.)

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