Loading EasyAR scene causes App/Unity to freeze.

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asked Aug 18, 2020 by itmaster (200 points)

I have finally finished my AR scene, so I decided to link it to the main menu in a separate scene through SceneManager.LoadScene(). 

However, when I ran the app after building it, the app just froze, and when I tested it in Unity, there seems to be a memory leak when trying to load the scene.

The game itself can launch properly with no problem in either the android or the Unity game engine. And the load scene function works properly on other scenes, so I have to wonder as to why would it freeze when trying to load an EasyAR scene, and if there are any ways of solving it?

Thanks in advance.

This is what the scene looks like in the main menu:

And this is what the scene looks like in the actual AR scene:

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answered Aug 18, 2020 by kenn (18,750 points)
Have you tried the sample launcher, which is doing the same thing you mentioned?
commented Aug 19, 2020 by itmaster (200 points)
What do you mean by a sample launcher?
commented Aug 19, 2020 by kenn (18,750 points)
commented Aug 19, 2020 by itmaster (200 points)
edited Aug 19, 2020 by itmaster
So, I was able to run the sample launcher, and it was able to load the sample scenes, though the AR component in those test scenes are throwing missing VIO Camera Device errors mainly due to the fact that I'm testing in the laptop. Not to mention that I'm using the latest version of Easy AR.

Update: Nevermind, it's the fact that the sample that I'm using is outdated.

Did I miss something so that my scene can load properly?
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