EasyAR still doesn't work with OpenGLES3 ???

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asked Jun 30 by devnetbil (160 points)
EasyAR still doesn't work with OpenGLES3 ???

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answered Jul 6 by kenn (7,570 points)
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There are no dependencies between the two now so EasyAR can work with OpenGLES3.

Starting from release of EasyAR Sense 3.0, EasyAR split the rendering (Video playback and recording excluded) out of the SDK. Which means, you can always use the rendering API you like, OpenGL, DX, Vulkan, Metal or maybe something else.

And from the same version, EasyAR Sense Unity Plugin use Unity render pipeline directly, all graphics API in Unity is supported by nature.

BTW, is there any misleading information on the forum or website?
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