How to change focus or improve image quality of VIO Camera Device?

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asked May 24, 2020 by alondorn (120 points)

I'm using the "ImageTracking + MotionExtend" scene from the samples for Unity and the camera quality is very low (or out of focus) comparing to other scenes ("ImageTracking_Targets" for example).

I understand that the "ImageTracking_MotionExtend" and "ImageTracking_Targets" uses different camera types("VIOCameraDeviceUnion" and "VideoCameraDevice").

Is there a way to get a better camera image quality with "VIOCameraDeviceUnion"?



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answered Jun 18, 2020 by easyarguxin (960 points)

MotionExtend Supports ARCore and EasyAR MotionTracking. If your phone supports ARCore, it starts ARCore by default. 

The ARCore image resolution we get is too low and will improve the resolution in subsequent versions.

If you are particularly in need of improved image clarity, you can uninstall ARCore, the system will automatically use EasyAR MotionTrack, the image resolution is higher

commented Jun 18, 2020 by alondorn (120 points)
I tried to disable ARCore in the EasyAR Settings and I chose "EasyAR Motion Tracker Only" option in the VIOCameraDeviceUnion - DviceStrategy but once the AR scene started it says "easyar.motionTrackerCameraDevice not available".
Are there additional actions I need to perform?
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