Someone explain how to use SpatialMap and add our 3D model the same like video in frontpage EasyAR

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asked Apr 3 by binnywera (220 points)

Can someone explaine how to use SpatialMap, for example the steps we need to fellow, ex: I know how to map but how to add that map in my unity and to add my specific 3D model into my map I did early, how should I know where is specific location in my map and to add my 3D model in my specific location in that MAP.

Any tutorial ore any instructino how to do that.
* Im not asking how to setup SpatialMap and configuration, Im asking how to add my 3D model inside that map.

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answered Apr 12 by zhnagjian (11,120 points)


The link hopes to give you some help. And we will release some video tutorials later.

Best Regards!

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