EasyAR Sense Pro licensing policy

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asked Mar 12, 2020 by kyoseok (120 points)
I would like to purchase EasyAR Sense Pro (3.0) to develop and distribute apps for the exhibition hall.
I would like to know about this version of the licensing policy and the number of DAUs available for service.

thank. :-)

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answered Mar 25, 2020 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

One-time charge for lifetime use. And There is no limit to the number of app downloads. If local identification is used, there are no restrictions on DAUs.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.
commented May 22, 2020 by migferhed (240 points)

What do you mean with "If local identification is used" ?

I have read all the documentation but  I still have some doubts :
"The AR feature can be activated multiple times on the same day, but it is only recognized as one DAU".
What do you mean with "the process of enabling the AR feature"  ?

If I build an app and sold 200 copies, and I subscribe by DAUs  ( 1000 DAUs   $89 /month )

Each of the 200 user is a DUA?

What is the daily limit every user can call your cloud database ?
Besides the numbers of DAUs, is the any other limitation in a 1000 DAUs   ($89 /month ) subscription?

I am really interested on getting your services.

Thank you
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