Not able to download maps created on other devices.

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asked Mar 11, 2020 by siddharthgup3 (350 points)
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public class DownloadMap : MonoBehaviour

        SparseSpatialMapManager manager;
        SparseSpatialMap mapTracker;
        private void OnCompletedMethod(bool someBoolParameter, string someStringParameter)
            Debug.Log("Bool value " + someBoolParameter);
            Debug.Log("String Value " + someStringParameter);

void Awake()
            onCompleted += OnCompletedMethod;

            Debug.Log("Status " + SparseSpatialMap.isAvailable());

            manager = SparseSpatialMapManager.create();
            mapTracker = SparseSpatialMap.create();
            bool bleh = SparseSpatialMap.isAvailable();
            Debug.Log(bleh + "This is it");



 void Start()

            Debug.Log("Starting download");
           manager.load(mapTracker, serverMapId0, apiKey, apiSecret, sparseSpatialMapAppId, EasyARController.Scheduler, onCompleted);



This is the script I''m using to download a map from the servers . All he Debug Logs Get a true in the editor as well as while working on unity remote. But the map list isn't being Populated.
I looked in the app folder for the meta files but it isn't being downloaded.

Can someone give me an exact script that works for downloading a map via mapID in unity.

PS: with some research I found that  Statistical usage is being updated in my developer centre, that means the map is being downloaded, but not updated in the sparseSpatialMapScene list of maps currently on the device.

please revert ASAP

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answered Jun 20, 2022 by davidverde (140 points)
Any solution for this issue?
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