Why camera does not open for supported arcore devices : Xiaomi Mi9, Google Pixel 3a ?

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asked Feb 17, 2020 by ndmrzk (390 points)

Hello. i am using unity 2019.3.0f3, Windows 10, EasyAR3.0. I stumbled across an issue today as described in the question. Users can only see black screen when they want to use the camera. The 2 phones are listed in the https://developers.google.com/ar/discover/supported-devices

In ARSession script i changed instead of Init() called in Awake(), its is called on button click and i made the Init public. In Init(), i changed

    openResult = easyarCamera.openWithIndex(2);
    //openResult = easyarCamera.openWithIndex(1);
    openResult = easyarCamera.openWithType(CameraDeviceType.Front);
    //openResult = easyarCamera.openWithType(CameraDeviceType.Default);

Please advise.

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answered Feb 17, 2020 by ndmrzk (390 points)
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Its the version. 3.1 fixes this
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