Camera does not open for Google Pixel 3a

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asked Feb 16, 2020 by ndmrzk (390 points)
Hello, i am using untiy 2019.3.0f3 with EasyAR Sense 3.0. The camera for Google Pixel 3a won't work. I want the front facing camera to open on start so i edited the ARSession script in the Init() function. I commented out this line :

    openResult = easyarCamera.openWithIndex(1);
    openResult = easyarCamera.openWithType(CameraDeviceType.Default);

Just wondering if it has anything to do with that or if its the version problem? About to try 3.1 but if its the code problem, any advice?

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answered Feb 17, 2020 by ndmrzk (390 points)
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Its the version. 3.1 fixes this
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