Easy ar 2.3 Black screen on unity 2017 2018 and android 9

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asked Jan 26, 2020 by kordou (180 points)

I know that this question is being asked a lot but I could not found anywhere a solution.

I have a code on 2.3 V ( tried to upgrade to 3 but the API is completely different once more) and i have to tun my app. It is based on the target on the fly (working with easyar 2 years now) . All runs good i can see my targets but i have a black screen.

anyone ? ? ? ? /


1 Answer

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answered Jan 27, 2020 by kenn (18,630 points)
The problem has already gone in new versions. It may not be very good choice, but it is suggested to upgrade you EasyAR library. If you found too many differences from 3.0, you can try 3.1 and 4.0, which has a similar API design (not identical).

One big improvement of EasyAR Sense 3/4 Unity Plugin is to use Unity rendering pipeline directly to support ALL rendering APIs Unity support. If you keep using older versions, please make sure to read the documents of certain version first, and make sure rendering API are correctly selected (GLES2 for mobile).
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