3d object over marker target vibrate a lot (v3.0)

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asked Jan 12 by emotiongate2019 (140 points)
We have ac3d object with unity and when it appear on a marker it vibrate a lot.

How can we fix (3.0 version)

Thanks in advance

We tried the solution for the v2 but it doesn’t work
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answered Jan 16 by kenn (6,870 points)
EasyAR image tracking cannot track everything in the world. Suggest to read image tracking guide first on https://help.easyar.com/EasyAR%20Sense/v4/Guides/EasyAR-Planar-Image-Tracking.html
commented Jan 16 by emotiongate2019 (140 points)
Hi the problem is not the tracking of the picture (it is a picture and it has a good tracking rate). But I have a vibration on my 3d object.....
commented Jan 16 by kenn (6,870 points)
If the vibration is not caused manually shaking (in the script for example), then it is the tracking stability not good enough with the image.
The vibrate could be magnified if the object is too near the camera, change the target scale (or size) may make some difference.
You can send us your picture (if it is acceptable) by email (to support@easyar.com) for more examine.
BTW, are you using CRS to determine the tracking rate?
commented Jan 18 by emotiongate2019 (140 points)
I used CRS to determine the tracking rate.
The vibration is not caused manually shaking..

you can see a video here about the problem

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