OSX unity 2019.2.x can't run the sample

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asked Jan 8 by oiio01 (150 points)
The OSX unity 2019.2.x run the sample no error but no any AR event append.

2 Answers

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answered Jan 15 by dudisitchy (250 points)
Same problem here... targets not loaded on all sample examples!
commented Jan 17 by zhnagjian (11,120 points)
The Problem will be solved.
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answered Jan 19 by kenn (6,870 points)
This issue has been fixed. New packages are online now (we made a hot fix to the Unity Plugin, package names are appended with _2020-01-16.zip suffix).

The updated package also contains a new sample for spatial map localizing demonstration.

If you want to fix the problem with the old package, just change line 57 of Assets/EasyAR/Scripts/Utility/FileUtil.cs: path -> PathToUrl(path)
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