Error - Invalid Key: No Matched Package Name

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asked Jan 7, 2020 by dysundberg (170 points)

I am getting this error from the installed app, but only on Android. 
Invalid Key: No Matched Package Name

The app is working great on iOS and in our testing, around December 18, the downloaded app from Google was working.  We also had it at a show in December 19 and no tech support calls or emails, so not sure what has happened since then.  We were just made aware of this today, so wondering if this is an issue with the year changing or something in the software licensing changing for the Android side of things since December.   I saw another post where someone said that they were getting the error when they were connected to the network (I am assuming they internet), but when they were not connected they did not get the error.  We are getting the error even when we are not connected to the net. 

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answered Jan 12, 2020 by zhangpengar (3,060 points)
The error message indicates that your license key doesn't match your package name for Android application.

Please check in Develop Center - SDK Authorization whether your package name for Android is correct.
commented Jan 13, 2020 by dysundberg (170 points)
Looks like it was a capitalization mismatch in the Android package name in the EasyAr key. I was able to change it there and use the newly-generated key in my Unity app, and the Apple app continues to work with the old key. Thank you
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