About Video Playback over Image

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asked Dec 4, 2019 by nrup31 (140 points)

Hello EasyAR Team

I want to play video over Image in Android Native application.

I have checked sample code with Library and able to play Video via dynamic URL but does it possible to play Youtube Video in streaming video?

Also, we want to set the Target Image dynamically via URL.

But not able to set in 

How we pass URL to set Image URL ?
Also can we open WebView when Image Scannned ?

We have added EasyAR.jar
Currently Target Image is set in Asset but we want to set it via URL.
Please tell us how to set Image dynamically.
We don't want to use UNITY support.
I have created App on Console from SDK Authorization.
And set the Key in code.
Also we found that there is a tab called CRS on which we can add Target Image with Metadata. But we want to find how it will set in the sample code to get the Image and play video that defined in Meta data.
Thank you

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