Selecting camera on a phone with more than 2(front/rear) cameras

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asked Dec 2, 2019 by ngc6543 (1,660 points)
Hi, I tried to open every cameras with EasyAR, but it seems that only two of them are available.

I tested using iPhone Xs Max, witch has 3 external cameras(2 rear, 1 front).

I tried to open a camera with an index derived from Unity's WebcamTexture.devices, but apparently Unity returns that the device has 5 cameras. Anyway, At least I know there are 2 cameras on the back with different fov, to I tried to open every camera indexes sequentially. But Only 2 of them (index 0 and 1) was opened successfully, while others were failed.

Does EasyAR support devices with multiple cameras? Many mobile devices is equipped with more than 1 cameras on the back these days.

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