Any news on EasyAR Unity Vertical Orientation?

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asked Nov 13, 2019 by vini36x (120 points)
Does anybody have any news about the vertical orientation of EasyAR in Unity? The way it is, it is very difficult to work with physics, gravity, rigidbodies, etc. Despite EasyAR being reliable and solid, due to those limitation in Unity, Vuforia is still the option.

I tried to rotate the matrix as posted in another topic here.. but it messed target scales and other things, besides making multi-targeting a mess too, since targets must be all at 0,0,0 ....

I used the previous versions of EasyAR and was the first to recommend it to all my fellow developers, however trying to use Unity Physics with this Vertical Orientation is waste of time today.

Are there any plans on fixing that?

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answered Nov 13, 2019 by adenio (1,150 points)
I think the engineers are working on the new version (4) and have no plans to fix this problem ... I had the same problem, if you take a look at this, maybe some information will help you.
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