Recorder and augmented video (Native IOS). Error: RecorderTextureNotValid

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asked Nov 6, 2019 by alexfedoseev (200 points)

EasyAR 3.0, Xcode 10, Objective C, Swift (not Unity)

HI. I am trying to use recorder (trial version) with augmented video. I downloaded native samples (HelloARRecording) but there is no AR in this sample only camera feed recording.I said "OK, let's add some markers from another sample." (HelloARVideo). I added markers and combined the code from these examples, but now there is no video, and the recorder does not work.   x) 

My main problem is that i can't properly combine code from HelloARRecording and HelloARVideo with successful recorder behaviour. At now after recording button pressed recorder callback prints: "Recorder Callback status: 4096, MSG: RecorderTextureNotValid"

Source helloar.m


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answered Nov 6, 2019 by alexfedoseev (200 points)
I found the answer 5 minutes after posting the question. )))

The issue was in line 89 helloar.m. I just commented it and recording become a live.

But another problem appeared to me. Sound recording stopped after video start to play. :( Exactly same issue turned me to try an easyar Recorder.
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