BUG: ImageTracker doesn't load a target it has loaded in the past

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asked Nov 4, 2019 by ideasfarm (490 points)

Hi. I'm trying to load a target that has been previously loaded and the tracker always returns false on the load callback:

tracker.LoadImageTarget(imageTargetController, (tgt, result) =>
    Debug.Log($"[EasyAR] Target {tgt.name()} loaded. Runtime ID: {tgt.runtimeID()} result: {result}");

result is always false.

I tried several things already. Unloading the target always fails, no matter what target you call to unload. Recreating the tracker class freezes the camera and crashes the app. I believe this is a bug since there is no documentation on the API that explains why the load and unload methods can simply not work and return false. What are the causes for the tracker to reject a load/unload call? How can I correctly unload a target and load another?

I want to use the tracker to track a single target always and change that target as I wish.

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