How to fit a texture rendered into a render texture (Unity) over the video background rendering ?

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asked Nov 4, 2019 by fokslab (200 points)
edited Nov 4, 2019 by fokslab
I try to draw a texture renderd into a Render texture (3D objects I want to draw over the video) using an overlay canvas. I duplicated the Main Camera properties (each frame) on another camera to draw the 3D objects with the same frustum as camera with video background (to easily follow the Main camera this camera is child f the Main Camera).

Using a scale coefficient on the overlay is doing the job but I loose some pixels since coefficient is >1. Moreover I cannot understand why this coefficient is needed since both cameras should have exactly the same frustum.

Could someone help me to understand and fix this issue ?


NB : it seems copying the frustum of the Main camera is not copying the correct FoV on the added camera. How can I achieve it (Using ARSesion object ?) ?

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