Dreamglass and EasyAr Integration

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asked Oct 28, 2019 by artrade (190 points)
I'm currently trying to integrate an application that uses both the EasyAR SDK and a dreamglass AR headset. I'm not sure with the EasyAr SDK doesn't detect the dreamglass camera or what, but every time I try playing a scene with them both enabled, unity crashes. If I disable 'Camera Device Behaviour' everything goes smoothly... Someone? Thanks in advance

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answered Oct 29, 2019 by artrade (190 points)
A little update, I upgraded Unity to version 2018.4.3 and easy ar to version 3. Now, I get that the easyar sdk connects to the eyewear and accepts it as a custom camera, but... I keep getting an oframe is null exception that perhaps is not letting me detect the targets. Anyone knows how to proceed?
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