easyar ontrackingMethod Affected Navmesh agent?

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asked Oct 18, 2019 by grissankara (690 points)

Whenever i use to add NavMeshagent Script to 3dmodel in AR  model the models are keep rotating and change the position accordingly...if i don't use NavMeshagent the model keep static and perfectly attached the ground??is it anyway to solve this issue?

According to me the main problem arising in ImageTargerController Script.

 public void OnTracking(Matrix4x4 pose)


        Debug.Log("[AR] OnTracking targtet name: " + target.name());

        Utility.SetMatrixOnTransform(transform, pose);


        if (xFlip)


            var scale = transform.localScale;

            scale.x = -scale.x;

            transform.localScale = scale;


        transform.localScale = transform.localScale * TargetSize;


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