404 Not Found UnityEngine.Debug:LogError(Object) <LoadImageTarget>d__18:MoveNext()

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asked Oct 2, 2019 by icurtis (170 points)
I have tried everything possible to fix this and have followed multiple tutorials step by step. But I keep getting the same error message when trying to play the EaseAR in unity and use my camera for the image target. Easy AR can not recognise or find my photo in the streaming assets folder for some reason. Please, someone help me :(

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answered Oct 3, 2019 by rlmidiaalvs (2,420 points)


What OS do you use? Try to move the project to another folder.

But, first check if the path has a special character, like #$%ยจ&()_+!^}`{....

I had this problem because my folder had a #. Removing it, I solved this problem.


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