EasyAR AR Camera crashes in play store release.

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asked Oct 1 by jashanpj (160 points)
I used the easyAR free sdk to build my app which recognise an image and play the video over it. There is no cloud database anything. Just a video file bundled with the app.

It is working perfectly during the development & debugging time. The issue is that after publishing it in play store the app crashes when I try to use the augmented reality camera.

Does any one know the issue?

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answered Oct 1 by rlmidiaalvs (1,380 points)
selected Oct 2 by jashanpj
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Did you build the app with "Build App Bundle" activated?
commented Oct 2 by jashanpj (160 points)
If you mean, it is android build. Yes, I used build bundles option instead of build apk option and uploaded the bundle in play store.
But didn’t ‘activated’ anything, can you be more specific please, and very thanks for your reply.
commented Oct 2 by jashanpj (160 points)
It is fixed, I updated the app with .apk instead of bundle. Thanks.
commented Oct 2 by rlmidiaalvs (1,380 points)
You are welcome. Hehe
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